Stay Erect Pills

Stay Erect MSPF is one of the original Male Enhancement Pills established 20 years ago on the Internet.

MSPF stands for Male Sexual Performance Formula.

20 years ago in 1997, no doubt Stay Erect was an early pioneer in Male Enhancement.

However, 20 years later, in 2017, Stay Erect’s formula appears very conventional. Even outdated and in need of a new and improved formula.

Especially when you compare Stay Erect Compared to more specialized, powerful natural pills 20 years later in 2017.

Also, Stay Erect MSPF is a niche product that helps premature ejaculation.

You see the Stay Erect MSPF come with a penis band, and a desensitizing gel.

In 2017, for many Men Over 50 I know, I can tell you premature ejaculation is a “side issue” compared to harder erections

In 2017, I can tell you many Men Over 50 are very concerned about harder erections. About “coming too soon” or premature ejaculation, this is not a major problem for many Men Over 50.

I advise Men Over 50 to take care of “harder erections first” before worrying about premature ejaculation.

The premature ejaculation is simply a  desensitizing gel.  This was groundbreaking in the late 1990’s. However, for Men Over 50, desensitizing gels are widely available, and for cheaper prices.

In 2017 Men Over 50 can get the equivalent of the Stay Erect desensitizing gel on Amazon or in Walmart.

Stay Erect MSFP Dosage

2 pills per day. Whether or not you are having sex.  at 60 caps per bottle.

Stay Erect hopes to help premature ejaculation with the use of a band. Also a special

20 years ago in 1997, this time consuming regimen may have worked.

20 years later in 2017,many Men Over 50  just do not have the time for this complicated regimen.

Stay Erect has 24 Ingredients


Eurycoma Longifolia


Griffonia Extract

Ginseng Siberian

Tribulous Terrestris


Muira Puama

Cistanches Deserticola

Avena Sativa

Ginseng Panax

Gingko Biloba


Jujuba Red

Flos Catharmi

Ashwagandha Root


Rhizoma Curcumae Longae


Macuna Pruriens

Zinc Gluconate

Vitamin A

Vitamin E

Vitamin B-6

1,733 mg is a high dose. I can tell you Men Over 50 need a higher dose of male enhancmenet ingrdeinst compared to Younger Men. Red Rex proved this with 735 MG of Just 3 Ingredients (Red Rex is currently our 2017 Male Enhancement Pill of the Year for Men OVer 50)

However, 24 ingredients spread out over 1,733 mg becomes much less reliable in the bedroom. I will tell you that the 1,733 mg becomes much less reliable to prevent a “let down” In front of your wife or girlfriend.

NO Side Effects

Stay Erect Ingredients List